About CoolSculpting

CoolScultping is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that uses cryoliposis to freeze fat cells in your body to the point of elimination. Since fat freezes at higher temperatures than your skin and other tissue, your body is left unharmed needing zero down time to recover. There is mild discomfort during the procedure, including tingling and numbness. You can expect an ultra sound gel to be applied to the areas that will be treated. Your nurse will then place the applicator on the desired area. The applicator uses vacuum pressure to draw the tissue between the cooling panels

Results Of CoolSculpting

Results often occur after a 2-3 month period. We strongly encourage you maintain a healthy diet and normal exercise routine to get the best results. Most patients see a noticeable difference after their first treatment, but would like a second to get maximized results. Your tightened and toned physique will definitely be a confidence booster. You’ll be able to enjoy your beach vacation – no longer sucking in your belly fat or hiding your thighs behind a cover up.

Stomach Before and After | CoolSculpting
Back Before and After | CoolSculpting
Neck Before and After | CoolSculpting
Chin Before and After | CoolSculpting

Recovery From CoolSculpting

There is no downtime to this 60-90 minute procedure. Patients can return to normal activity directly following their CoolSculpting treatment. Many patients will return to work or even go the gym the same day of the procedure. We strongly encourage you maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to see maximum results.

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